Call for proposition

Evaluation of mobilization and capacity building activities in terms of knowledge, behaviour change and effects on reducing sexual violence against children

ECPAT France is an international organization affiliated to the ECPAT international network aiming to combat the sexual exploitation of children in the world. The NGO has coordinated a 3-year program called “Strengthening the Protection of Children Victims or at Risk of Sexual Exploitation” (referred to hereinafter as “REPERES”) with operations in several African countries.

This call for consultation is part of the final evaluation of the overall program. It targets specifically operations led in Uganda and Kenya. The terms of reference of the Call for proposition have therefore been formulated together with the implementing partners in these 2 countries, namely:

ANPPCAN – The African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect is a Pan-African network that promotes child rights. ANPPCAN has national chapters in 26 countries and is head-quartered in Nairobi (Kenya),
UCRNN : The Uganda Child Rights NGO Network is a coalition of child-focused humanitarian organizations. This coalition represents the ECPAT International network in Uganda –
Undugu Society of Kenya (USK) was created in 1973 to confront the growing problem of street children and young people in Kenya. One of its core programs is the Rescue Rehabilitation and Reintegration program, including one component dedicated to girls in situation of prostitution,
UYDEL is a Ugandan organization founded in 1993, UYDEL combats risky behaviors of youth (drugs and HIV prevention) and worst forms of exploitation including sexual exploitation of children,

REPERES program

The global objective of this multi-country program is to realize the right of all children to live free from sexual exploitation in Africa and in the Mediterranean. The specific objective 1 is to reduce the vulnerability of children to sexual exploitation and the specific objective 2 is to improve the responses of local systems of protection to CSEC issues. Outcomes have been formulated at global program level as follows:
• Outcome 1: Children and young people at risk or victims of prostitution have access to protection and reintegration services
• Outcome 2: Children, parents and communities knowledge on positive attitudes and harmful practices in relation to sexual violence are improved
• Outcome 3: The capacity of stakeholders involved in child protection systems are strengthened regarding the issue of CSEC
• Outcome 4: The expertise and advocacy capacity of ECPAT’s network in Africa and in the Mediterranean is strengthened
• Outcome 5: Outcomes are measured and enhanced using an efficient monitoring system
In Kenya and in Uganda, the 4 partners involved in the REPERES Project have implemented activities to contribute to the expected outcomes.

The Call for consultation

We are looking for a consultant to evaluate the mobilization and capacity building programs set up in relation to outcomes 2 and 3, whether addressed to children, parents or child protection stakeholders in Kenya and in Uganda.

For more details on this consultation, follow and download the call for proposition.

National Forum on the Plan of Action against Sexual Exploitation of Children in Kenya

The National Council for Children’s Services (NCCS) and the African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN) held a national forum to review the implementation of the Plan of Action against Sexual Exploitation of Children in Kenya (2013-2017). The forum was held on Monday, 18 April 2016 at the Nairobi Safari Club and attracted sixty (60) participants from Government department, civil society organization and the private sector who are directly involved or implemented activities on child sexual abuse and exploitation.

The Government of Kenya developed a National Plan of Action against Sexual Exploitation of Children in Kenya in 2013. The plan provides a road map of some of activities to be implemented by the Government of Kenya and stakeholders in addressing sexual abuse and violence against children in the country. The Plan of Action has been developed around the key areas of prevention, protection, recovery and reintegration, coordination and cooperation, child participation as well as monitoring and evaluation. In itself, the plan is a well thought out document to facilitate stakeholders in harnessing energies and resources in responding to sexual violence against children in the country.

The aim of the national forum is to initiate discussions on the extent of implementation of the current plan of action, and this will culminate in building of consensus on the follow up plan of action when the current one expires in 2017.

This activity is being implemented with the kind support of ECPAT France.